App Features

Connect, Collaborate and Create with your network

  • Your Network

    Rodexly is a tool that allows the user to instantly connect with people in the their network with special skills and talents. The old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know still hold true. Truly leverage the power of your internal network in ways never before.

  • Search

    Finding someone to help you with a project or launch your next big idea, can often be a shot in the dark. Rodexly makes the process easier by recommended people you already know or are connected to you based on someone you know.

  • Discover Resources

    Accessing the power of who you know is nothing new. In the past we would put your name in our Rolodex or take your business and hope we remember you when we need your service. Rodexly is taking the idea of connections and making them searchable and discoverable.

  • Location Aware

    You will now know who in your network does taxes, builds websites, plans events, etc. with just the click of a button. The intuitive map features also connects you based on your location, so that you are matched with someone in the same area or city as you.


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